Sun Management Center 3.6.1 User's Guide

ProcedureTo Create an Agent Update Task

An Agent Update task enables you to define and schedule software updates to agent systems.

  1. Create an Update Image file.

    Use the es-imagetool or es-gui-imagetool utilities as described in Sun Management Center 3.6.1 Installation and Configuration Guide.

  2. In the New Task window, type a name for the task in the Task Name field.

    The task name should describe the task. For example, if you are defining a task to install the latest version of the software on all agents, the task name might be Update agents to latest management center software.

  3. Choose Agent Update from the Task Type menu.

  4. Choose an image file from the Image File menu.

    Note –

    If choices in this menu are unavailable, there are no Update images defined. See Step 1.

    When you chose an image file, information about its contents appears in the Image Contents section of the New Task window.

  5. (Optional) Type a description for this task.

  6. To confirm the definition of this task, click Add Task.

    You remain in the New Task window to define additional tasks.

    To clear the data for the existing task so that you can define another task, click Reset Form.

  7. When you have finished defining your tasks, click Close to close the New Task window.