Sun Management Center 3.6 System Reliability Manager User's Guide

Patch Monitoring Module Overview

Note –

The Patch Management module in System Reliability Manager 3.5 is named Patch Monitoring in version 3.5. A System Reliability Manager 3.6 server can still monitor an agent that is running the System Reliability Manager 3.5 Patch Management module.

The System Reliability Manager 3.6 Patch Monitoring module uses the PatchPro software, a patch-management solution from Sun. This patch software is also known as Patch Manager. This patch software collects the data regarding available patches that is used by the module. You must download and install the patch software separately. For more information, see Obtaining the Patch Software. The module first checks to see whether the patch software is installed. If the patch software is not installed, then the module is unavailable.

Note –

(On Solaris 10) Patch Monitoring module automatically uses Patch Manager 2.0, which is shipped with Solaris 10. Patch Manager 2.0 includes the PatchPro software. Hence, you need not download and install the patch software separately.

The Patch Monitoring module displays the following Patch Monitoring tables:

The Patch Monitoring module generates alarms on uninstalled patches. The Patch Monitoring module detects the number of patches that are available but not installed and generates alarms against this count. The module also lists the suggested patches in a table. Missing patches are also saved to the patches.list file, enabling you to write scripts that use this list. The location of this file is /var/opt/SUNWsymon/SysMgmtPack/patchmonitoring/patches.list.

The module automatically refreshes after 24 hours. If you want to change the default setting, use the Attribute Editor. To display the Attribute Editor dialog box, press mouse button 3 on a row in the Patch List table.

This module performs the following functions:

The Patch Monitoring module generates the following alarms in the Patch Status table:

Obtaining the Patch Software

The Patch Monitoring module requires that you install the PatchPro software, formerly known as Patch Manager. This software is available for download from SunSolve at You must download and install the software for your version of the Solaris operating environment. Software version information and installation documentation is available from the same web site.