This book describes the dynamic reconfiguration (DR) feature. DR enables you to logically attach boards to, and detach them from, dynamic system domains while the operating system continues to run.

Before You Read This Book

This book is intended for the systems administrator who has a working knowledge of UNIX® systems, particularly those based on the Solaris trademark operating environment. If you do not have such knowledge, first read the Solaris user and system administrator books that were provided with your system, and consider UNIX system administration training.

How This Book Is Organized

This book contains the following chapters:

Chapter 1 introduces the DR feature.

Chapter 2 contains information and procedures for DR 3.0.

Appendix A lists error messages that are generated either by the SSP or on the domain.

Using UNIX Commands

This document may not contain information on basic UNIX® commands and procedures such as shutting down the system, booting the system, and configuring devices. See the software documentation that you received with your system.

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Use ls -a to list all files.

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% su



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Read Chapter 6 in the User's Guide .

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To delete a file, type rm filename .

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Related Documentation



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User information

Sun Enterprise 10000 DR Configuration Guide


Command reference

Sun Enterprise 10000 Dynamic Reconfiguration Reference Manual


Installation instructions

Sun Enterprise 10000 SSP 3.5 Installation Guide and Release Notes


Physically adding and removing system boards

Sun Enterprise 10000 Systems Service Manual


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