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Sun Enterprise 10000 Dynamic Reconfiguration User Guide




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1. DR on the Sun Enterprise 10000 System

Overview of Dynamic Reconfiguration

DR Concepts



Suspend-Safe and Suspend-Unsafe Devices

DR Models

Enhancements in DR Model 3.0

Where to Execute DR Commands

Requirements for Multipathing in DR 3.0

2. Using DR 3.0 Model

Automatic DR

Enhanced System Availability

DR and I/O Boards

Sun Enterprise 10000 Domains

DR 3.0 Procedures

Showing Platform Information

procedure iconsmall spaceTo Show Platform Information

Showing Device Information

procedure iconsmall spaceTo Show Device Information

Adding Boards

procedure iconsmall spaceTo Add a Board to a Domain

Deleting Boards

procedure iconsmall spaceTo Delete a Board From a Domain

Moving Boards

procedure iconsmall spaceTo Move a Board

Replacing System Boards

procedure iconsmall spaceTo Physically Replace a System Board

3. DR Error Messages

Searching This Appendix

Error-Type Links

SSP Errors

Domain Errors

SSP Error Messages

Domain Error Messages

DCS Error Messages

DR Driver Error Messages

Plugin Error Messages