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Sun Enterprise 10000 DR Configuration Guide




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1. Configuring DR

DR Models

Enhancements in DR Model 3.0

Where to Execute DR Commands

Requirements for Multipathing in DR 3.0

Getting Started

Device Prerequisites

Allocating Sufficient Domain Swap Space

Qualifying Third-Party Device Drivers

Overview of DR Configuration Tasks

procedure iconsmall spaceTo Enable the Kernel Cage

procedure iconsmall spaceTo Set Permanent Driver Parameters for Network Drivers

procedure iconsmall spaceTo Enable Device Suspension for the soc and pln Drivers

procedure iconsmall spaceTo Specify an Unsafe Driver List

procedure iconsmall spaceTo Make an Unsupported Tape Device Detach-Safe

Preparing for DR Detach Operations

Configuration Changes During DR Operations

Controlling Forcible Conditions that Affect System Quiescence

procedure iconsmall spaceTo Manually Suspend a Suspend-Unsafe Device

procedure iconsmall spaceTo Force a System Quiescence

Target Memory Constraints


Network Devices

Remote DR Communication

procedure iconsmall spaceTo Troubleshoot a Connection Failure During a Solaris 9 (DR Model 3.0) Operation