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Sun Mainframe Transaction Processing Software Release Notes for AIX Platforms

Release 8.0.1




Code Samples


1. Installation and Migration Issues

General Installation Information

Hardware Requirements

Qualified Mainframe Rehosting Components

Qualified Compilers and Third-Party Software

Product Restrictions

Documentation Advisory

Installing Sun MTP on AIX Platforms

Licensing Changes

License File

Upgrading From Earlier Releases

Migration Issues for This Release

kixbms Behavior

kixstop Behavior

C Language Programs That Contain EXEC CICS INQUIRE TDQUEUE Statements

ABORT.prt Files

Future Patch Releases

2. Important Operating Information

Setting $KIXSYS and $TMPDIR

Setting $LIBPATH

Setting $KIXBTCH

Verifying Operating System Compatibility

Shared Memory on AIX Platforms


Sun MTP Startup Parameters on AIX

-S Option

-M t and -M c Options

AIX Large and Very Large Address Space Models

Kernel Parameters

Shared Memory Requirements

Calculating Shared Memory Requirements

Determining Where to Attach Shared Memory

Shared Library Usage

AIX Commands for Memory Information

How Sun MTP Stores Path Names to VSAM Files

Managing Temporary Storage Queues

Memory Management Changes

Block Sizes

Interaction Between Startup Options and the API

Allocating Blocks and Space

Reallocating Blocks From the Free List

Determining the Block Size to Use

Viewing the Status of Temporary Storage Queues

Other TSQ Information

ESDS Files

Number of ISC Sessions

Configuring 3270 Terminals

Socket Client Behavior

COBOL Copybooks Generated by kixbms

kixtran Behavior

Screen Generation Utility

Dataset Aliases

Sun MTP Secure

Resynchronizing Sun MTP and Sun MBM After a $KIXSYS Restore

Deprecated Features and Functions

Conversion Tables

3. Language and Third-Party Product Support

Language Support Information

COBOL Applications

Working Mode

Server Express Licensing

C Applications

C Applications That Use the C-ISAM Interface

C++ Applications

Third-Party Products

WebSphere MQ


4. Changes and Enhancements

VSAM Buffers

Support for Micro Focus Sequential Files Larger Than Two Gbytes

Initializing Static Variables for C Shared Objects

Source Debuggers Supported on 3270 Clients

C Language Feature to Reduce Virtual Memory Usage

SIT Security

Application Dump Facility

CICS API Support






New Environment Variables

Enhancements to Utilities and Commands

kixsalvage Utility

kixsnap Utility

unikixbld Utility

Duplicate Records

Support for mfrcdv Record Format

unikixmain Command

5. Other Components

Component Packaging

Sun Mainframe Administration Tool (Sun MAT)

Tuning the unikixadmin Daemon for Large Sun MTP Configurations

Defining Properties to the unikixadmin JVM

Configuring the Cache Life Span

Sun Mainframe Security Facility (Sun MSF)

SecurityServer Command

New Version File

New Property

Deprecated Property and java.policy Files

procedure iconsmall spaceTo Update the File

procedure iconsmall spaceTo Update the java.policy File

jaas.policy File

jaasmod.jar File

Template for Loading Sun MTP Resources

New Snapshot Utility

Support for DB2 UDB as the Security Repository

Creating the UNIX Logins

procedure iconsmall spaceTo Create the Table Space/Database

Setting Up the Configuration Files

procedure iconsmall spaceTo Set Up Your Execution Environment

procedure iconsmall spaceTo Initialize the Repository

Access Permissions for WebSphere MQ

New Sun MSF Error Messages

6. Error Messages

New Messages

Changed Messages

7. Known Problems and Restrictions

Built-in and External Security

System Transaction Security Constraints

Clients Lacking Certain ESM Functionality

ECI User ID Security Information Not Supported

Sun MSF Software

Special Disk Types

8. Documentation


Documentation Errata

Sun Mainframe Transaction Processing Software Administrator's Guide

Chapter 1, "Introduction"

Chapter 2, "System Transactions"

Chapter 10, "Accounting"

Sun Mainframe Transaction Processing Software Configuration Guide

Chapter 4, "Configuration Guidelines"

Chapter 13, "Configuring a Region to Work With an RDBMS"

Sun Mainframe Transaction Processing Software Developer's Guide

Chapter 4, "Compatibility With IBM CICS"

Chapter 14, "Online Debugging"

Chapter 15, "Batch Processing"

Sun Mainframe Transaction Processing Software Reference Guide

Chapter 2, "System Utilities"