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System Management Services (SMS) 1.5 Release Notes




1. System Management Services (SMS) 1.5 Release Notes

What's New in SMS 1.5


A196 Power Supply Support

Software Requirements

Solaris 8 Requirements

Solaris 9 OS Requirements

Solaris 10 OS Requirements

SMS 1.5 Known Limitations

General Notes and Issues

smsconnectsc Command

Reinstallation and Upgrade

Valid Paths for Version Switching

Using ssh on the Solaris 8 OS With SMS

SMS Documentation Part Numbers

2. SMS 1.5 Bugs

Bugs in SMS 1.5 Software

More Than 4095 Files in Backup cpio Breaks smsrestore (CR ID 6295142)

FMA Event Reporting to NetConnect Doesn't Pick Up Modified Chassis Serial Number (CR ID 5052078)

ndd/dev/scman man_pathgroups_report Output Needs Clarification (CR ID 6252771)

showenvironment Reports Domain A Does Not Have Any Boards Assigned, Then Outputs the Report (CR ID 6299795)

SMS 1.5 Documentation Errata



System Management Services (SMS) 1.5 Administrator Guide

System Management Services (SMS) 1.5 Installation Guide