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Sun Management Center 3.5 Version 6 Release Notes for Sun Fire High-End Systems



What's New in This Release

Supported Systems and Environments

Recommended Patches

Obtaining the Add-On Software


Known Limitations

Use CLI Commands for Hot-Swapping Operations

Domain Config Reader Not Compatible With Veritas Netbackup SSO on a Tape Drive Connected to a SAN

PDSM Needs More Descriptive Error Messages

Known Bugs

Alarms Table Does Not Update Centerplane Bus Alarms

Alarm Table Does Not Update When Disabled System Boards Removed

Acknowledging Alarms Can "Hang" Console

Erroneous Alarms Generated Following DR With Empty DIMM Slots

Domain Config Reader Sometimes Displays Erroneous Processor Type

Platforms View Updates Slowly Following addboard With SMS CLI

System Information Missing from Hardware Summary View Following PDSM Operation