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Sun Fire High-End Systems Software Overview Guide




1. Introduction to Sun Fire High-End Software

New Features

2. Sun Fire High-End Systems Software Documentation Set

Audience for This Document Set

Where to Find Information About Sun Fire High-End System Software

Solaris Operating System Information

SMS Software Information

Dynamic Reconfiguration Software Information

Sun Management Center Software Information

3. Security

Secure By Default

Secure By Choice

4. Solaris Operating Systems for Sun Fire High-End Systems

5. System Management Services (SMS 1.5) Software

System Architecture

SMS Administration Environment

Management Network

Capacity on Demand

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6. Dynamic Reconfiguration Software for Sun Fire High-End Systems

System Board Slots and Logical Domains

DR Administration Models

SC State Models





DR on I/O Boards

Automatic DR

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7. Sun Management Center Software for Sun Fire High-End Systems

Sun Management Center Add-On Sun Fire High-End Software Packages

Features of Sun Management Center Software

Sun Management Center Software Pricing

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