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Configuring the Network Management Port

If your server uses Sun system firmware 6.2 or subsequent compatible versions, do not perform the following configuration. Your ALOM-CMT System Controller network management port is preconfigured at the factory.

If your server uses an earlier version of firmware than Sun system firmware 6.2, you must configure the network management port before you can use it.

This appendix includes the following topic:

procedure icon  To Configure the System Controller Network Management Port

To access the system controller using the network for the first time, you must first configure the SC network management port through the SC serial management port.

You set these network parameters according to the specific details of your network configuration:

Note - For more information on configuring ALOM-CMT, refer to the Advanced Lights Out Management (ALOM) CMT Guide.

To configure these parameters you must use the setsc command. The usage is:

sc> setsc parameter

1. Set the netmask for the system controller.

sc> setsc netsc_ipnetmask

This example uses to set the netmask. Your network environment subnet might require a different netmask. Use a netmask number most appropriate to your environment.

2. Set the IP address for the system controller.

sc> setsc netsc_ipaddr service-processor-IPaddr

3. Set the IP address for the system controller gateway.

sc> setsc netsc_ipgateway gateway-IPaddr

4. Set the if_network parameter to true.

sc> setsc if_network true

5. Use the showsc command to verify that the parameters were set correctly.

The showsc command displays all the configuration parameters and their values, as shown in the example below.

Note - The network addresses and parameters shown in the examples are for illustration purposes only. The four parameters marked with asterisks must be set according to the specific details of your network configuration for the network management port to function properly.

sc> showsc
Advanced Lights Out Manager CMT v1.2
parameter                value
---------                -----
if_network*              true
if_connection            ssh
if_emailalerts           false
netsc_dhcp               true
netsc_ipaddr*            xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx
netsc_ipgateway*         xxx.xxx.xxx.xx
sc_escapechars           #.
sc_powerondelay          false
sc_powerstatememory      false
sc_clipasswdecho         true
sc_cliprompt             sc
sc_clitimeout            0
sc_clieventlevel         2
sc_backupuserdata        true
diag_trigger             power-on-reset error-reset
diag_verbosity           normal
diag_level               max
diag_mode                normal
sys_autorunonerror       false
ser_baudrate             9600
ser_parity               none
ser_stopbits             1
ser_data                 8
netsc_enetaddr           xx:xx:xx:xx:xx:xx
sys_enetaddr             yy:yy:yy:yy:yy:yy