A P P E N D I X  A

Updating the Sun Fire T1000 Firmware

This appendix describes how to update the server firmware.

This appendix includes the following topics:

Flash Image Overview

The flash image consists of the following components:

Updating the Firmware

The flashupdate command updates both the ALOM-CMT System Controller firmware and the host firmware.

To use the features and fixes in subsequent firmware releases, perform this procedure.

procedure icon  To Update the Firmware

1. Ensure that the ALOM-CMT System Controller network management port is configured.

This is required to access the new flash image over the network. See To Configure the System Controller Network Management Port.

2. Open a Telnet or SSH session and connect to the system controller.

The following example is for Telnet.

% telnet xxx.xxx.xx.xx
Trying xxx.xxx.xx.xx...
Connected to xxx.xxx.xx.xx.
Escape character is'^]'.
Copyright 2006 Sun Microsystems, Inc.  All rights reserved.
Use is subject to license terms.
Sun(tm) Advanced Lights Out Manager CMT v1.2
Please login:

3. Login as admin, using the password you defined during the configuration of the system controller.

Please login: admin
Please Enter password: password

4. Execute the flashupdate command.

The flashupdate SC command updates the system controller flash image and the host firmware. The flashupdate command requires the following information:

The command usage is as follows:

flashupdate [-s IPaddr -f pathname] [-v]


5. Reset the system controller.

After the flash has been updated, you must reset the system controller for the new image to take affect. To reset the system controller, issue the resetsc command, as shown below.

Note - To bypass the confirmation prompt, you can use the -y flag with the resetsc command. If resetsc is issued from a Telnet or SSH session, upon reset the Telnet or SSH session will be terminated. The output from the reset will be displayed on the serial console on the system controller.

sc> resetsc
Are you sure you want to reset the SC [y/n]? y
User Requested SC Shutdown

The system controller resets, runs diagnostics, and returns to the login prompt (on the serial console).

CODE EXAMPLE A-1 Boot Sequence Example
ALOM Build Release: 000
Reset register: f0000000 EHRS ESRS LLRS SWRS
Dual Port Memory Test, PASSED.
TTY External - Internal Loopback Test
TTY External - Internal Loopback Test, PASSED.
TTYC - Internal Loopback Test
TTYC - Internal Loopback Test, PASSED.
Full VxDiag Tests - PASSED
     Status summary  -  Status = 7FFF
        VxDiag    -          -  PASSED
        POST      -          -  PASSED
        LOOPBACK  -          -  PASSED
        I2C       -          -  PASSED
        EPROM     -          -  PASSED
        FRU PROM  -          -  PASSED
        ETHERNET  -          -  PASSED
        MAIN CRC  -          -  PASSED
        BOOT CRC  -          -  PASSED
        TTYD      -          -  PASSED
        TTYC      -          -  PASSED
        MEMORY    -          -  PASSED
        MPC885    -          -  PASSED