FIGURE 2-1 small spaceServer

FIGURE 2-2 small spaceServer Components

FIGURE 2-3 small spaceServer Front Panel

FIGURE 2-4 small spaceServer Rear Panel

FIGURE 3-1 small spaceDiagnostic Flowchart

FIGURE 3-2 small spaceLEDs on the Server Front Panel

FIGURE 3-3 small spaceLEDs on the Server Rear Panel

FIGURE 3-4 small spaceALOM CMT Fault Management

FIGURE 3-5 small spaceFlowchart of ALOM CMT Variables for POST Configuration

FIGURE 3-6 small spaceSunVTS GUI

FIGURE 3-7 small spaceSunVTS Test Selection Panel

FIGURE 4-1 small spaceUnlocking a Mounting Bracket

FIGURE 4-2 small spaceLocation of the Mounting Bracket Release Buttons

FIGURE 4-3 small spaceLocation of Top Cover Release Button

FIGURE 5-1 small spaceReleasing the PCI-Express Card Release Lever

FIGURE 5-2 small spaceRemoving and Installing the PCI-Express Card

FIGURE 5-3 small spaceRemoving the Fan Tray Assembly

FIGURE 5-4 small spaceRemoving the Power Supply

FIGURE 5-5 small spaceInstalling the Power Supply

FIGURE 5-6 small spaceRemoving the Single-Drive Assembly

FIGURE 5-7 small spaceInstalling the Single-Drive Assembly

FIGURE 5-8 small spaceLocation of Drive Power and Data Connectors on the Motherboard

FIGURE 5-9 small spaceRemoving the Dual-Drive Assembly

FIGURE 5-10 small spaceInstalling the Dual-Drive Assembly

FIGURE 5-11 small spaceDIMM Locations

FIGURE 5-12 small spaceRemoving the Clock Battery From the Motherboard

FIGURE 5-13 small spaceInstalling the Clock Battery on the Motherboard

FIGURE A-1 small spaceField-Replaceable Units