C H A P T E R  5

ALOM CMT Fault Management Tasks

ALOM CMT contains fault management features. To use these features, use the showfaults and clearfault commands. This chapter contains information on the following headings:

Fault Information Sources

Faults are events indicating that some corrective action is required. Faults can come from three sources:

The corrective actions indicated by faults can take three forms:

See Getting Knowledge Articles for Managing Faults for more information.

Getting Knowledge Articles for Managing Faults

To manage system faults effectively, access the knowledge article database at: www.sun.com

procedure icon  To Get the Appropriate Knowledge Article

1. At the sc> prompt, issue the showfaults command.

sc> showfaults
ID FRU               Fault
 0 FIOBD             Host detected fault, MSGID: SUN4V-8000-8Q
 1 MB                Host detected fault, MSGID: SUN4V-8000-8Q

2. Identify the SUNW-MSG-ID string in the showfault output.

In this example, the message ID string is SUN4V-8000-8Q.

3. In your browser, go to http://www.sun.com/msg/SUN4V-8000-8Q

(Alternatively, go to http://www.sun.com/msg/ and type the SUNW-MSG-ID SUN4V-8000-8Q into the lookup window on the http://www.sun.com/msg/ web page.)

4. Read and follow the instructions in the article supplied by the www.sun.com/msg web site.

For example, the knowledge article might advise you to: