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SunVTS 6.2 Patch Set 1 Release Notes



1. SunVTS 6.2 Patch Set 1 Release Notes

SunVTS Support for the Solaris OS on x86-Based Systems

Displaying SunVTS Package and Version Information

Open Issues

Possible Installation Issue: Install and Uninstall Using the Same Program

Possible Runtime Issues for Both x86 and SPARC Platforms

CR 6353136 qlctest Prevents Multiple Test Instances

CR 6390537 SunVTS TTY Interface (vtstty) Could Core Dump

CR 6424220 netlbtest External Loopback Core Dump

CR 6423074 SunVTS Kernel Could Cause a Core Dump

CR 6365751 Blank Dialog Boxes Displayed From the installer Utility When Installing SunVTS from the Solaris 10 1/06 SPARC and x86 CD-ROMs

CR 6331819 SunVTS Memory or CPU Tests Could Fail Due to Lack of System Resources

CR 6310384 Using usbtest

CR 6349218 Using netlbtest on Sun Fire T2000 Servers

CR 6306254 Using qlctest

CR 6345990 Creating Option Files on Enterprise Servers

CR 6344791 Supporting x86 Clients on a SPARC Server

CR 6333687 Using cddvdrwtest

CR 6220163 Using cddvdtest

CR 4858028 Using serialtest and disktest Simultaneously

SunVTS Does Not Support Processor Sets

Netra CT 820 Server Support

Possible Runtime Issues for x86 Platforms

bmcenvironment Test Displays Failure When Critical Threshold is Reached but Not Exceeded (CRs 6328901, 6363524, 6368948, and 6368997)

CR 6344143 Using qlctest

Possible Runtime Issues for SPARC Platforms

Using env5test (CR ID 6176527) and i2ctest (CR ID 6176554)

CR 4938281 pfbtest Fails When Used in the Gnome Desktop Environment