System Administration Guide: Basic Administration

Managing Services (Task Map)

The following task map describes the procedures that are needed to use SMF.



For Instructions 

Display the status of a service instance. 

Displays the status of all running service instances. 

How to List the Status of a Service

Display the service dependents. 

Display the services that are dependent on the specified service. 

How to Show Which Services Are Dependent on a Service Instance

Display the dependencies of a service. 

Display the services that a specified service is dependent on. This information can be used to help identify what is preventing a service from starting. 

How to Show Which Services a Service Is Dependent On

Disable a service instance. 

Turns off a service that is not functioning properly or needs to be off to increase security. 

How to Disable a Service Instance

Enable a service instance 

Starts a service. 

How to Enable a Service Instance

Restart a service instance. 

Restart a service, without having to use separate commands to disable and then enable the service. 

How to Restart a Service

Modify a service instance. 

Modifies the configuration parameters of a specified service instance. 

How to Modify a Service


Changes a configuration property of a service controlled by inetd.

How to Change a Property for an inetd Controlled Service


Changes the startup options of a service controlled by inetd.

How to Modify a Command-Line Argument for an inetd Controlled Service

Convert inetd.conf entries.

Converts inetd services into legacy-run services that can be monitored using SMF.

How to Convert inetd.conf Entries

Repair a corrupt service configuration repository. 

Replaces a corrupt repository with a default version. 

How to Repair a Corrupt Repository

Boot a system without starting any services. 

Boots a system without starting any services so that configuration problems that prevent booting can be fixed. 

How to Boot Without Starting Any Services