System Administration Guide: Basic Administration

Java Web Console (Overview)

The Java Web Console provides a common location for users to access web-based system management applications. You access the web console by logging in through a secure https port with one of several supported web browsers. The single entry point that the web console provides eliminates the need to learn URLs for multiple applications. In addition, the single entry point provides user authentication and authorization for all applications that are registered with the web console.

All web console-based applications conform to the same user interface guidelines, which enhances ease of use. The web console also provides auditing of user sessions and logging service for all registered applications.

What Is the Java Web Console?

The Java Web Console is a web page where you can find the Sun system management web-based applications that are installed and registered on your system. Registration is automatically a part of an application's installation process. Thus, registration requires no administrator intervention.

The Java Web Console provides the following:

Java Web Console Management Commands

The Java Web Console includes the following management commands:

The commands are used to perform various tasks that this chapter describes.

For more information about each command, see the smcwebserver(1M), wcadmin(1M), and the smreg(1M) man pages.

Supported Web Browsers

The Java Web Console can be used in any of the following browsers while running the Solaris OS: