System Administration Guide: Basic Administration

Getting Started With the Java Web Console (Task Map)



For Instructions 

Start applications from the Java Web Console's launch page. 

The Java Web Console's launch page lists all the registered system management applications that you have permission to use. You connect to a specific application by clicking its application name.  

How to Start Applications From the Java Web Console's Launch Page

Start, stop, enable, and disable the console server. 

You can manage the web server that is used to run the console and the registered applications. 

How to Start the Console Service

How to Enable the Console Service to Run at System Start

How to Stop the Console Service

How to Disable the Console Service

Change the Java Web Console's properties. 

You should not have to change any of the web console's default properties.  

Properties that you might choose to change include the following:

  • Console session timeout

  • Logging level

  • Audit implementation

How to Change Java Web Console Properties