System Administration Guide: Virtualization Using the Solaris Operating System

Verifying System Elements

ProcedureHow to Verify Devices in /dev/xen

  1. Change directories to /dev/xen and list the contents:

    # cd /dev/xen
    # ls
    balloon  domcaps  evtchn  privcmd  xenbus

ProcedureHow to Verify That the xvm Hypervisor Services Are Started

  1. Become superuser, or assume the appropriate role.

  2. Verify that the xvm services are running.

    # svcs -a | grep xvm

    If the system displays the following, the services are not running:

    disabled         Dec_07   svc:/system/xvm/store:default
    disabled         Dec_07   svc:/system/xvm/xend:default
    disabled         Dec_07   svc:/system/xvm/console:default
    disabled         Dec_07   svc:/system/xvm/domains:default
  3. If the services are not running, verify that you booted an i86xpv kernel.

    # uname -i

    Reboot if necessary.

  4. If the correct kernel is running, enable the services.

    # svcadm enable xvm/store
    # svcadm enable xvm/xend
    # svcadm enable xvm/console
    # svcadm enable xvm/domains

    You are now ready to create guest domains (domUs).