System Administration Guide: Virtualization Using the Solaris Operating System

If Text-Only Boot Was not Selected in OpenSolaris 2008.11 Installation

When installing OpenSolaris 2008.11, the "text-only" boot option from the GRUB menu should be selected. This is the second entry. However, the following workaround can be used if the text-only boot option is not selected.

  1. When the GNU GRand Unified Bootloader (GRUB) boot menu appears on the console, type e for edit before the boot selection times out and starts booting the default entry.

  2. The edit menu screen that pops up will have several lines on it. Use the down arrow key to scroll down to the line foreground, and type d for delete.

  3. Repeat the Step 2 process for the line background. Use the down arrow key to scroll down to the line that says background, and type d for delete.

  4. Using the arrow keys, scroll to the kernel line that contains the boot arguments, and type e for edit. Then, delete the entry for console=graphics.

  5. Press Return to exit line edit and save the changes, and then type b to continue the boot.