System Administration Guide: Network Interfaces and Network Virtualization

ProcedureHow to Create a Usage Policy for Applications on a Virtual Network

  1. List the applications that you want to run on the host.

  2. Determine which applications have historically used the most bandwidth or require the most bandwidth.

    For example, the telnet application might not consume huge amounts of bandwidth on your system, but it could be heavily used. Conversely, database applications consume a huge amount of bandwidth, but might only be used on a sporadic basis. Consider monitoring traffic for these applications prior to assigning them to zones. You can use the statistical option of the dladm show-link command to gather statistics, as described in Gathering Usage Statistics for VNICs and Flows.

  3. Assign these applications to separate zones.

  4. Create flows for any application running in zone1 whose traffic you want to isolate and control.

  5. Assign bandwidth to flows based on usage policies in place for your site.