Solaris Trusted Extensions User's Guide

ProcedureHow to Shut Down Your System

Logging out is the normal way to end a Trusted Extensions session. Use the following procedure if you need to turn off your workstation.

Note –

If you are not on the console, you cannot shut down the system. For example, Sun RayTM clients cannot shut down the system.

  1. To shut down the system, do one of the following:

    • In Trusted GNOME, choose Shut Down from the Main menu.

      Confirm the shutdown.

    • In Trusted CDE, choose Suspend System from the Workspace menu.

      Click mouse button 3 over the background to open the menu.

      1. Confirm what you want to do.

        • Click Shutdown to shut down your system.

        • Click Suspend to put your system in power-saving mode.

        • Otherwise, click Cancel.

        Note –

        By default, the keyboard combination Stop-A (L1-A) is not available in Trusted Extensions. The security administrator can change this default.