SunPCi User's Guide

Chapter 2 Getting Started

This chapter lists the contents of your SunPCi installation package, describes the SunPCi system requirements, and provides basic information about SunPCi installation. The following list describes the topics included in this chapter.

SunPCi Installation Package Contents

Verify that your SunPCi installation package includes the following items:

If any of these items is missing, contact your Sun service representative.

System Requirements

To install and use SunPCi software, you need the following:

SunPCi Card

You must have a SunPCi card installed in your PCI-based system if you want to run SunPCi. SunPCi does not support “software-only” operation, and it does not run on SBus-based systems. Refer to the SunPCi 1.1 Installation Guide for more information.

How to Proceed

Once you have determined what you need to install the SunPCi software, proceed to Chapter 3, Starting SunPCi Software for the First Time for instructions on how to install the software, Windows 95, or Windows NT.