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Platform Notes: The SunATM Driver Software




1. Installing the SunATM Software

Removing Previous Versions of the SunATM Software

To Remove Older SunATM Software Packages

Removing Links to Older SunATM 1.0 Device Entries

Installing the SunATM Software

procedure iconsmall spaceTo Install the SunATM Software from the Sun Computer Systems Supplement CD-ROM

Checking the Package Installation Using pkgchk

Checking the Package Installation Using pkginfo

Removing the Software Packages Using pkgrm

Configuring the SunATM Interfaces

Known Issues About the SunATM 5.1 Release

Redundant LANE Servers

Classical IP and IPv6

hyperSPARC Modules Are Not Supported

2. Configuring the SunATM Interfaces

Using the atmadmin Configuration Program

Starting the atmadmin Configuration Program

atmadmin Main Menu

atmadmin Navigation Commands

System Parameter Group Menu

ATM SNMP Agent Status

Interface Configuration Menu

atmadmin and the SunATM Configuration Files in the /etc/opt/SUNWconn/atm directory

atmadmin Parameter Groups

Physical Layer Parameter Group

Framing Interface

Signalling Parameter Group

UNI Version

ILMI Parameter Group

Classical IP Parameter Group

Classical IP Interface Type

Hostname and IP Address

Local ATM Address

ATM ARP Server Address

Permanent Virtual Circuit (PVC)

Static Switched Virtual Circuit (SVC)

LAN Emulation Parameter Group

Per-Instance LAN Emulation

3. Editing SunATM Configuration Files

Basic ATM Interface Plumbing

Editing the /etc/opt/SUNWconn/atm/atmconfig File

Changing the Framing Interface in the /etc/opt/SUNWconn/atm/atmconfig File

Example of an /etc/opt/SUNWconn/atm/atmconfig File

Configuring a Classical Internet Protocol Interface

Editing the /etc/opt/SUNWconn/atm/aarconfig File

Sample Classical IP Configurations

Configuring a LAN Emulation Interface

Editing the /etc/opt/SUNWconn/atm/laneconfig File

Using Variables in the /etc/opt/SUNWconn/atm/laneconfig File

Sample LAN Emulation Configurations

4. Plumbing and Unplumbing SunATM Interfaces

Starting the SunATM Software for the First Time

Plumbing and Unplumbing Individual ATM Interfaces

5. Classical IP and LAN Emulation

ATM Addresses and Address Registration

ATM Address Registration Daemon (ilmid)

Classical Internet Protocol

ATM Address Resolution

ATM ARP Address Resolution Tables

IPv6 Address Resolution Process

LAN Emulation

LAN Emulation Servers

LAN Emulation Configuration Server

LAN Emulation Server

Broadcast and Unknown Address Server

Resolving an IP Address to an ATM Connection

LAN Emulation Connections

IPv6 Address Resolution Process

6. SunATM and Solaris Networking Features


SNMP and Solaris

Solaris 2.6 Through Solaris 9 Compatible Software

ATM and Logical Interfaces

Supporting Multiple Emulated LANs on a Single Interface

ATM and IP Multipathing

A. Application Programmers' Interface

Using the SunATM API with the Q.93B and the ATM Device Drivers

Q.93b Driver Interface

Establishing a Connection to the Q.93B Driver

Setting up an ATM Connection Over a Switched Virtual Circuit (SVC)

Call Setup

Release Procedure

Exception Conditions

Connecting, Sending, and Receiving Data with the ATM Device Driver

Raw Mode Connections

DLPI Mode Connections

B. Troubleshooting and Error Messages

Troubleshooting While Starting a SunATM Interface

Generic Configuration

procedure iconsmall spaceTo Diagnose Problems

Classical IP Configuration

LAN Emulation Configuration

Common Problems

Are you replacing an old SunATM SBus adapter?

Are you trying to use the /usr/sbin/arp command?

Are you using a Router with Classical IP and LAN Emulation (LANE)?

Are you trying to use the /usr/sbin/snoop command?

Do you want to increase system performance by adjusting TCP/IP parameters?

Are you trying to mount a diskless, dataless, or autoclient system?

Did the atmtest diagnostic fail?

Error Messages

Error Messages from /etc/init.d/sunatm

Error Messages from aarsetup and lanesetup

Error Messages from the Kernel Drivers