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Installing the SunATM Software

These Platform Notes include instructions for installing and configuring the SunATMtrademark driver software used by the following SunATM adapters:

This chapter contains the following sections:

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Caution - Although this chapter describes how to install the SunATM software on your system, you must first configure the software before you reboot your system. See Chapter 2 for instructions on how to use the atmadmin program to configure the software.

Removing Previous Versions of the SunATM Software

Before installing the SunATM software, remove any previous version of the SunATM software from your system. If you attempt to add the new software packages over existing SunATM packages, the installation will fail.

To Remove Older SunATM Software Packages

1. Become superuser.

2. Use the pkginfo command to check for any installed SunATM software packages:

# /usr/bin/pkginfo | grep SUNWatm

If you find any SunATM packages, you must remove them before installing the new SunATM software.

1. Remove any existing SunATM software packages by using the pkgrm command:

# /usr/sbin/pkgrm SUNWatm SUNWatma SUNWatmu

Removing Links to Older SunATM 1.0 Device Entries

When you remove older versions of the SunATM software with the pkgrm utility, certain device entries in the /dev and /devices directories will not be removed. If you are installing the SunATM 5.1 software packages on a system in which a SunATM 1.0 SBus adapter had been installed, remove these device entries. The SunATM 1.0 hardware used the sa driver (which is not supported in the SunATM 5.1 software), and previous versions of the SunATM software created the /dev/sa and /devices/pseudo/clone@0:sa device entries.

1. To remove these SunATM 1.0 device entries, type:

# rm /dev/sa
# rm /devices/pseudo/clone@0:sa

Installing the SunATM Software

Before installing and configuring the SunATM software, you must first install the SunATM adapter into your system and connect the adapter to an active network using the appropriate cable.

The following table describes the SunATM software packages.

TABLE 1-1 SunATM Software Packages




Contains the device driver software


Contains the man pages and the files required to configure an ATM Simple Network Management Protocol (SNMP) management system


Contains the SunATM interim Application Programmers' Interface (API) libraries and header files

Note - For basic ATM functionality, the SUNWatm package is the only required software package.

procedure icon  To Install the SunATM Software from the Sun Computer Systems Supplement CD-ROM

1. Install the SunATM software as described in the Solaris Sun Hardware Platform Guide that shipped with these Platform Notes.

The SunATM packages will be installed in the following directories:

Checking the Package Installation Using pkgchk

Once the package is installed, you can use the pkgchk command to see if the installation was complete:

# /usr/sbin/pkgchk SUNWatm

You can specify multiple packages at the command line by separating the package names with a space. If you do not specify a package identifier, the entire contents of the machine are checked.

Checking the Package Installation Using pkginfo

Check the SunATM software installation by using the pkginfo command:

# /usr/bin/pkginfo | grep SUNWatm
system       SUNWatm   SunATM Device Drivers
application  SUNWatma  SunATM Interim Api Support Software
application  SUNWatmu  SunATM Runtime Support Software

Removing the Software Packages Using pkgrm

If you are superuser, you can remove one or more packages with the following command:

# /usr/sbin/pkgrm SUNWatm SUNWatma SUNWatmu

In this example, the pkgrm command will remove the SUNWatm (SunATM Device Drivers and Utilities), SUNWatma (SunATM Interim API Support Software), and SUNWatmu (SunATM Runtime Support Software) packages.

Configuring the SunATM Interfaces

After installing the SunATM software, you must configure the SunATM interfaces. You can either use the SunATM configuration program, atmadmin, to configure the interfaces, or you can edit the SunATM configuration files directly.

See Chapter 2 for instructions on how to use the atmadmin program, and see Chapter 3 for information about the SunATM configuration files.

Known Issues About the SunATM 5.1 Release

This section contains important information and news about the SunATM 5.1 software release.

Redundant LANE Servers

SunATM adapter software does not support redundant LAN Emulation Services, such as Cisco System's Simple Server Redundancy Protocol (SSRP) for LAN Emulation.

Classical IP and IPv6

SunATm 5.1 now supports the next generation of Internet Protocol, IPv6. However, when running IPv6 over Classical IP, SunATM 5.1 only supports locally configured addresses. If you are running Classical IP over IPv4 and IPv6 simultaneously on an interface, you cannot configure an ARP server or client. All destinations must be statically configured through either the atmadmin utility or by manual entries in the aarconfig file.

hyperSPARC Modules Are Not Supported

The SunATM 5.1 software does not support older sun4m systems containing hyperSPARCtrademark modules. If you have a SPARCstation 10, 10SX, or 20 system with hyperSPARC modules, you will not be able to use this SunATM release.

To see if your machine contains hyperSPARC modules, type the following command:

# prtconf | grep Ross,RT625

You will see Ross,RT625 (driver not attached) as the result of this command if your system contains a hyperSPARC module.