TABLE 1-1small space Netra CP2140 Board Features

TABLE 2-1small space Netra CP2140 Board Hardware Configurations

TABLE 2-2small space Preinstallation Checklist

TABLE 2-3small space Netra CP2140 Board I/O Hardware Configurations

TABLE 3-1small space Netra CP2140 Board Physical Dimensions

TABLE 3-2small space System Compatibility Attributes

TABLE 3-3small space CompactPCI Bus Interface

TABLE 3-4small space CPU Specification

TABLE 3-5small space Memory Specification

TABLE 3-6small space Netra CP2140 Board Memory Module Configurations

TABLE 3-7small space PMC Interface Specification

TABLE 3-8small space Estimated Power Dissipation for the Netra CP2140 Board

TABLE 3-9small space Environmental Conditions and Limits

TABLE 3-10small space Reliability Prediction for Board Level MTBF

TABLE 5-1small space Clock Frequencies

TABLE 5-2small space Host-SMC Commands

TABLE 5-3small space Available Reset Operating Modes

TABLE 6-1small space Firmware CORE and BPOST Flow of Execution

TABLE 6-2small space Firmware Execution Control Key Sequences

TABLE 6-3small space NVRAM Configuration Variables

TABLE 6-4small space OpenBoot PROM Environment Variable Settings for Executing the POST Modules

TABLE 6-5small space Firmware CORE Monitor Commands

TABLE 6-6small space Chassis Configuration Example

TABLE 6-7small space IPMI Packet

TABLE A-1small space J1/P1 Connector Pin Assignments

TABLE A-2small space Signal Definitions

TABLE A-3small space J2/P2 Connector Pin Assignments

TABLE A-4small space Signal Definitions

TABLE A-5small space J3/P3 Connector Pin Assignments

TABLE A-6small space Signal Definitions

TABLE A-7small space J4/P4 Connector Pin Assignments

TABLE A-8small space Signal Definitions

TABLE A-9small space MII Signals

TABLE A-10small space SCSI single-ended levels - SCSI-A on J4 and SCSI-B on J5

TABLE A-11small space J5/P5 Connector Pin Assignments

TABLE A-12small space Miscellaneous

TABLE A-13small space USB Signals

TABLE A-14small space Parallel Port

TABLE A-15small space Serial COM Ports (A and B), RS 232 Levels

TABLE A-16small space Floppy Disk Drive, TTL Levels

TABLE A-17small space Keyboard/Auxiliary Device Signals

TABLE A-18small space Serial Mini Din 8-pin Connector Pinouts

TABLE A-19small space Netra CP2140 Board Front Panel Ethernet Connector Pinout

TABLE A-20small space PMC J3001 Connector Pinouts

TABLE A-21small space PMC J3002 Connector Pinouts

TABLE A-22small space PMC J3003 Connector Pinouts

TABLE A-23small space Memory Module Connector 1 Pinout (Bottom Side)

TABLE A-24small space Memory Module Connector 2 Pinout (Bottom Side)

TABLE A-25small space Flash Device Switch Setting (SW1801)

TABLE A-26small space SCSI Termination Switch Setting (SW2401)

TABLE D-1small space Description of Fields in Typical Prtfru Command Display Output