FIGURE 1-1small space Netra CP2140 Board (Without Heat Sink)

FIGURE 1-2small space Typical Netra CP2140 Board System Host or Satellite Host Board

FIGURE 1-3small space Non-redundant Netra CP2140 Board HA Configuration - One System Host Board

FIGURE 1-4small space Netra CP2140 I/O Front Panel

FIGURE 1-5small space Location of Netra CP2140 Board Identification Labels

FIGURE 2-1small space Examples of Netra CP2140 Board Hardware Configurations

FIGURE 2-2small space Netra CP2140 Board Major Components and Connectors

FIGURE 2-3small space XCP2040-TRN Transition Card Connectors

FIGURE 2-4small space Single- and Double-wide Memory Modules

FIGURE 2-5small space A Typical Netra CP2140 Board with Memory Modules Installed

FIGURE 2-6small space Installing the PCI Mezzanine Card

FIGURE 2-7small space Replacing the Serial I2C EEPROM

FIGURE 2-8small space Netra CP2140 Board System Interface: One System Controller Board, One Satellite Board, Two Transition Cards

FIGURE 2-9small space Netra CP2140 Board Installation (Close-up View)

FIGURE 2-10small space Releasing and Locking the Netra CP2140 Board Injector/Ejector Handles

FIGURE 4-1small space Netra CP2140 Board with Heat sink, SMC, Power Module and SDRAM Module

FIGURE 4-2small space Solder Side of the Netra CP2140 Board

FIGURE 4-3small space Netra CP2140 Board Functional Block Diagram

FIGURE 5-1small space Netra CP2140 Board Detailed Block Diagram

FIGURE 5-2small space UltraSPARC IIi Interface

FIGURE 5-3small space Netra CP2140 Board PCI Bus Interface

FIGURE 5-4small space CompactPCI Bus Interface

FIGURE 5-5small space Netra CP2140 Board I/O Interface

FIGURE 5-6small space PCI Mezzanine Module Interface on Host Board

FIGURE 5-7small space System Management Controller Interface

FIGURE 5-8small space Simplified Reset Paths

FIGURE 5-9small space Power Distribution Block Diagram

FIGURE 5-10small space Selection Between Early Power and IPMI Power

FIGURE 6-1small space Control Flow from Power On for Firmware CORE and Client Modules--Solaris Case

FIGURE 6-2small space System Flash PROM Map

FIGURE 6-3small space Host-to-Host Communication

FIGURE 6-4small space Basic POST Services

FIGURE 6-5small space POST Enables OEMs to add Diagnostics

FIGURE A-1small space Netra CP2140 Board Connectors

FIGURE A-2small space J1 Connector

FIGURE A-3small space Netra CP2140 Board J2 Connector

FIGURE A-4small space Netra CP2140 Board J3 Connector

FIGURE A-5small space Netra CP2140 Board J4/P4 Connector

FIGURE A-6small space Netra CP2140 Board J5/P5 Connector

FIGURE A-7small space Serial Connector- Mini Din 8-Pin Front Panel TTYA Diagram

FIGURE A-8small space RJ45 Ethernet Connector Diagram

FIGURE A-9small space J3001-J3003 Connectors

FIGURE A-10small space Memory Module Connectors J0601 and J0602

FIGURE A-11small space Setting Switches to Closed Position

FIGURE A-12small space SW0501 Position for non-HA Systems

FIGURE A-13small space Location of SW0501 on SMC Module

FIGURE A-14small space SW0501 Switch Setting for HA Systems

FIGURE A-15small space Switch Setting Legend

FIGURE A-16small space SCSI Termination Switch Setting Example

FIGURE A-17small space SCSI Switch Selections and SMC on the Netra CP2140 Board

FIGURE B-1small space Mechanical Drawing of the Netra CP2140 Board Front Panel

FIGURE B-2small space Mechanical Dimensions of the Netra CP2140 Board

FIGURE B-3small space Netra CP2140 Board Mechanical Dimensions of the Heat sink and Single-wide Memory Module

FIGURE B-4small space Netra CP2140 Board Mechanical Dimensions of the Heat sink and Double-wide Memory Module