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Sun Remote System Control(RSC) 2.2.3 Release Notes



1. Sun Remote System Control (RSC) 2.2.3 Release Notes

What's New in RSC 2.2.3

Before Installing Sun Remote System Control Software

RSC 2.2.3 Support on Sun Fire V480, V880, V490 and V890 Servers

OpenBoot PROM Enhancements

RSC General Issues

Removing and Installing the RSC or SC Card

Alert Messages Might Be Delayed

Wrong Information Provided on alerts.html

rsc-console Switches to tip Connection During Boot When diag-switch? Is Set to true

RSC bootmode -u Command Fails to Toggle the Console

Running obdiag in rsc-console Mode Can Cause Unexpected Behaviors

SetSockOpt: Invalid argument Message Received When Maximum Number of Telnet Sessions Is Reached

Disk Errors are Reported in loghistory While Running SunVTS, But No Errors are Reported in SunVTS or Solaris Software

RSC Issues for Sun Fire V480, V880, V490, and V890 Servers

RSC Console Switches to the System Console Without Warning When OpenBoot PROM Enhanced Diagnostics Are On or the Keyswitch Is in the Diagnostics Position

LED Behavior During Startup

RSC Issues for Sun Fire 280R Servers

Additional RSC Alerts

False Drive Fault Reported at Power-On

RSC Issues for Sun Enterprise 250 Servers

Increased Number of RSC User Accounts Not Supported

Change to the serial_hw_handshake Variable Requires a System Reboot

Power Supply Alerts Display Incorrect Index in the GUI

Documentation Issue