TABLE 1-1 small spaceServer Status Indicators

TABLE 1-2 small spaceOn/Standby Switch Actions and Results

TABLE 1-3 small spaceExplanation of Power States

TABLE 1-4 small spaceHard Drive Service Indicators

TABLE 1-5 small spaceOpenBoot PROM Configuration Parameters Stored on the System Configuration Card

TABLE 1-6 small spaceNetwork Link Indicators

TABLE 1-7 small spaceNetwork Speed Indicators

TABLE 1-8 small spacePower Supply Unit Indicators

TABLE 3-1 small spaceWhat ALOM Monitors

TABLE 4-1 small spaceWhat Sun Management Center Monitors

TABLE 5-1 small spaceSunVTS Tests

TABLE 6-1 small spaceSummary of Diagnostic Tools

TABLE 6-2 small spaceOpenBoot Configuration Variables

TABLE 6-3 small spaceobdiag Menu

TABLE 6-4 small spaceKeywords for the test-args OpenBoot Configuration Variable

TABLE 6-5 small spaceUsing Solaris Information Display Commands