C H A P T E R  2

Installing the Hardware

This chapter describes how to mount the Sun Fire V125 server into a rack and attach the cables. It includes the following sections:

Rackmounting Kit Contents

The rackmount kit consists of the following components:

Compatible Racks

The slide rail kit enables you to mount the server into a Sun rack. For a complete listing of compatible racks, go to:


Perform the procedures in this chapter, in the order they are listed, to install your server into a 4-post rack using the slide rails. These slide rails are compatible with a wide range of equipment racks that meet the following standards:

caution icon

Caution - Always load equipment into a rack from the bottom up so that it will not become top heavy and tip over. Deploy the antitilt bar to prevent the rack from tipping during equipment installation.

Installing the Slide Rails

The procedures in this section contain instructions to install the slide rail assemblies to the rack and then the server chassis, with mounting brackets, into the slide rail assemblies that are mounted to the rack.

procedure icon  To Disassemble the Slide Rails

1. Unpack the slide rails.

2. Locate the slide rail lock at the front of one of the slide rail assemblies, as shown in FIGURE 2-1.

3. Squeeze and hold the tabs at the top and bottom of the lock while you pull the mounting bracket out of the slide rail assembly, until it reaches the stop.

See FIGURE 2-1.

4. Pull the mounting bracket release button toward the front of the mounting bracket, as shown in FIGURE 2-1, and simultaneously withdraw the mounting bracket from the slide rail assembly.

5. Repeat for the remaining slide rail assembly.

FIGURE 2-1 Disassembling the Slide Rail Before Installation

Graphic showing slide-rail lock tabs being squeezed and mounting bracket extended from slide-rail. Also showing mounting bracket release button on inner side of mounting bracket.

procedure icon  To Install the Mounting Brackets Onto the Server

1. Position a mounting bracket against the chassis so that the slide rail lock is at the server front and the three keyed openings on the mounting bracket are aligned with the three screw holes on the side of the chassis.

2. Attach the slide rail onto the server with the supplied screws.

3. Repeat Steps 1 and 2 to install the other slide rail.

procedure icon  To Attach the Slide Rail Assemblies to the Rack

1. Position a slide rail assembly in your rack so that the brackets at each end of the slide rail assembly are on the outside of the front and rear rack posts (as depicted in FIGURE 2-2).

2. Attach the slide rail assembly to the rack posts.

The method used to attach the slide rails varies depending on the type of rack:

FIGURE 2-2 Slide Rail Assembly Mounting to Rack Post

Graphic showing the slide-rail assembly bracket on the outside of the rack post, with the two mounting screws aligned with the holes in the bracket and post.

3. Repeat for the remaining slide rail assembly.

procedure icon To Install the Server Into the Slide Rail Assemblies

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Caution - This procedure requires a minimum of two people because of the weight of the server. Attempting this procedure alone could result in equipment damage or personal injury.

1. Push the slide rails into the slide rail assemblies as far as possible.

2. Raise the server so that the rear ends of the mounting brackets are aligned with the slide rail assemblies that are mounted in the equipment rack (see FIGURE 2-3).

3. Insert the mounting brackets into the slide rails, then push the server into the rack until the mounting brackets encounter the slide rail stops (approximately 12 in. or 30 cm).

FIGURE 2-3 Inserting the Server With Mounting Brackets Into the Slide Rails

Graphic showing the server with mounting brackets inserted partially into the slide-rails. The slide-rail release button on the mounting bracket is highlighted.

4. Simultaneously, pull and hold the slide rail release buttons on each mounting bracket while you push the server into the rack (see FIGURE 2-3).

FIGURE 2-4 Slide Rail Lock

Image shows the slide rail lock.

5. Continue pushing until the slide rail locks on the front of the mounting brackets engage the slide rail assemblies.

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Caution - Verify that the server is securely mounted in the rack and that the slide rails locks are engaged with the mounting brackets before continuing.