Sun Fire V210 and V240 Servers Product Notes

The Sun Fire V210 and V240 Servers Product Notes contains late-breaking information about changes to the Sun FireTM V210 and V240 servers and to the documentation supporting the servers that became known after the product documentation set was published.

Shipping Kit Contents

The shipping kit might contain different items than those described on the packing list. For example, to promote eco-responsibility, the kit might no longer contain the RJ-45 Ethernet cable, the antistatic wriststrap, or other ancillary items. Alternatively, serial adapters, fasteners, or other items not listed on the packing list might be included to enhance the customer experience. Contact Sun Microsystems, Inc. to purchase the items you need. These ancillary items also might be available at computer supply stores.

Solaris OS Support

The Sun Fire V210 and V240 servers are supported by the SolarisTM Operating System beginning with:

Note - Software patch 109885-15 is required for Solaris 8 HW 07/03.

Note - Always check the SunTM web site for compatible operating system software, firmware, and software patches.

OpenBoot Diagnostic Errors

When diag-script is set to all, the following error message might occur at reset or power up:

CODE EXAMPLE 0-1 diag-script Error Output Message
ERROR: pci14e4 Misc Local Control register
SUMMARY: Obs=0x00000000 Exp=0x00010000 XOR=0x00010000 AND-Mask=0x01ffe808 Addr=0xfedae808
DEVICE: /pci@1f,700000/network@2,1
SUBTEST: selftest:reg-test:gen-regs-test:bcm-gen-misc-loc-cntl-test
MACHINE: Sun Fire V210
DATE: 11/08/2005 23:45:30 GMT
CONTROLS:diag-level=max test-args=/pci@1f,700000/network@2,1 selftest failed, return code = 1

Code example decribes typical diag-script error output.

If this OpenBootTM Diagnostic error occurs, perform the following procedure to clear the error:

1. At the system ok prompt clear the Automatic Recovery System (ASR) type:

ok asr-clear

2. Set the diag-script to normal type:

ok setenv diag-script normal

3. Reset the system type:

ok reset-all

How to Get Technical Support

If you have technical questions about this product that are not answered in this product note, see TABLE 0-1.

TABLE 0-1 Useful Sun Technical Support Web Sites and Phone Numbers

Sun Fire V210 and V240 Documents and Support Resources

URL or Telephone Number

Sun Fire V210 and V240 servers documents

Find Solaris and other software documents here. This is also an alternative web site for some Sun Fire V210 and V240 servers documents. This web site has full search capabilities.

Warranty and Contract Support contacts. Links to other service tools.

Discussion and diagnostics forums.

Technical Support, diagnostic tools, and alerts for all Sun products.

SunSolveSM: Contains links to software patches. Lists some system specifications, diagnostics, maintenance information, and other tools.

SunServiceSM phone numbers (USA only).

1-800-872-4786 (1-800-USA-4Sun)
Select Option 1

This web site lists international telephone numbers for