C H A P T E R  2

Sun Advanced Lights Out Manager

This chapter gives an overview of the Sun Advanced Lights Out Manager (ALOM) software. The chapter contains:

ALOM enables you to monitor and control your server through a serial connection (using the SER MGT port), or Ethernet connection (using the NET MGT port).

The ALOM serial port, labelled SER MGT, is for server management only. If you need a general purpose serial port, use the serial port labeled SER TTYB.

If you use ALOM to reset the server and the diag-switch? is set to true, the bootscript command is not executed when the server reboots. If you use OpenBoot PROM to reset the server, bootscript executes correctly.

When you issue the showfru command from the ALOM command shell, the command does not read the layout of the DIMMs.

When OpenBoot PROM reports DIMM errors to ALOM, it sends system console (SC) alert messages with the incorrect memory slot position for the Sun Fire V215 and V245 servers. However the memory errors are still valid.

New ALOM Features

This release of the Sun Fire V215 and V245 servers includes several new ALOM features and enhancements. ALOM can now:

This information is kept in nonvolatile storage. You can inspect the log to determine if the hardware components have been changed.

You can retrieve this information by using the showfru command or the prtfru command.

The serial number is stored in nonvolatile storage during manufacturing. ALOM can display this value and provide a service-mode command that can change it, if necessary. The prtdiag command can also display this value.

The installation information includes the location of FRUs within the chassis, as well as the identification of the chassis and FRU.

Setting the admin Password

When you switch to the ALOM prompt after initial power on, you are logged in as the admin user and prompted to set a password. You must set this password in order to execute certain commands.

If you are prompted to do so, set a password for the admin user.

The password must:

After the password is set, the admin user has full permissions and can execute all ALOM CLI commands.

Tip - If you log in to ALOM with a 16-character user name and execute the showusers command, ALOM enters a loop and refuses all other connection attempts. If you encounter this problem, establish a Telnet connection to the host server and use the scadm resetrsc command to reset ALOM.