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Sun Fire V215 and V245 Servers Getting Started Guide



Servers Overview

Server Installation Process

Site Preparation

Physical Specifications

Environmental Requirements

Operating Environment

Airflow Considerations

Acoustic Noise

Operating Power Limits and Ranges

Calculating Power Consumption

Calculating Heat Dissipation

Shipping Kit Contents

Front Panel

DVD Dual Drive

Hard Drives

Power and Locator Buttons

Status Indicators

Front USB Ports

Rear Panels

Power Inlets

Network Connectors

Ethernet Ports

Serial Ports

USB 2.0 Ports

PCI Expansion

Cabling Notes

Minimum Connections

System Controller Management Ports

Socketed System Configuration Chip

Preinstalled Software

Solaris Operating System

Java Enterprise System Software

OpenBoot PROM Diagnostics

Sun Advanced Lights Out Manager

System Reliability, Availability, and Serviceability

Hot-Swappable Components

Power Supply Redundancy

Environmental Monitoring

Sun Fire V215 and V245 Documentation

Documentation, Support, and Training

Third-Party Web Sites

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