FIGURE 1-1 large spaceFront Panel Features

FIGURE 1-2 large spaceFront Panel System Status Indicators

FIGURE 1-3 large spacePower Button Location

FIGURE 1-4 large spaceUSB Ports Location

FIGURE 1-5 large spaceHard Disk Drives Location

FIGURE 1-6 large spaceRemovable Media Drive Location

FIGURE 1-7 large spaceBack Panel Features

FIGURE 1-8 large spacePCI Slot Locations

FIGURE 1-9 large spaceNetwork and Serial Management Port Locations

FIGURE 1-10 medium spaceSystem I/O Port Locations

FIGURE 1-11 medium spaceGigabit Ethernet Port Locations

FIGURE 2-1 large spaceDirecting the System Console to Different Ports and Different Devices

FIGURE 2-2 large spaceSerial Management Port (Default Console Connection)

FIGURE 2-3 large spaceSeparate System Console and System Controller Channels

FIGURE 2-4 large spacePatch Panel Connection Between a Terminal Server and a Sun Fire V445 Server

FIGURE 2-7 large spaceTip Connection Between a Sun Fire V445 Server and Another Sun System

FIGURE 4-1 large spaceMemory Module Groups 0 and 1

FIGURE 4-2 large spaceALOM System Controller Card

FIGURE 4-3 large spaceALOM System Controller Card Ports

FIGURE 4-4 large spacePCI Slots

FIGURE 4-5 large spaceHard Disk Drives and Indicators

FIGURE 4-6 large spacePower Supplies and Indicators

FIGURE 4-7 large spaceSystem Fan Trays and Fan Indicators

FIGURE 8-7 large spaceDiagnostic Mode Flowchart

FIGURE A-1 large spaceSerial Management Connector Diagram

FIGURE A-2 large spaceNetwork Management Connector Diagram

FIGURE A-3 large spaceSerial Port Connector Diagram

FIGURE A-4 large spaceUSB Connector Diagram

FIGURE A-5 large spaceGigabit Ethernet Connector Diagram