The Site Planning Guide for Sun Servers, 819-5730-10, is designed to assist Sun Microsystems customers who have purchased Sun servers and who seek information about the proper way to house the servers in a data center.

The material in this guide is correct as of the date of publication. For the most up-to-date information, refer to the Sun Microsystems web site for your product.

This book supplements the site planning product specifications which come with your server. Use the specifications as a source for the calculations described in this book. Read this site planning guide to learn more about the methodology for forecasting and calculating the physical, power and cooling requirements for your server installation.

Other Resources

This manual is not intended as a comprehensive guide to facility design. Customers planning to construct a new data center should read the Sun Microsystems Data Center Site Planning Guide before reading this manual. Some of the material in this manual is summarized from the Sun Microsystems Data Center Site Planning Guide.

Another resource for data center design is Enterprise Data Center Design and Methodology by Rob Snevely. This is a Sun BluePrintsTM book, published by Sun Microsystems Press, a Prentice Hall title. You can find information about this book and other BluePrints books at:

How This Document Is Organized

Chapter 1 describes a source for industry guidelines for site planning, site planning assistance that is available from Sun, site planning considerations, designing for server configurations, data center location, and planning the route to the data center.

Chapter 2 explains environmental requirements of the data center, including temperature, humidity, acclimatization, cooling and aisle airflow, vibration and shock, contaminants, and fire containment.

Chapter 3 gives information about rackmounting the servers, how to locate cabinets in the data center, and details about Sun cabinets.

Chapter 4 discusses power and cooling issues relating to the servers, including power sources, power constraints, power supplies, and heat output and cooling requirements.

Chapter 5 provides specifications for Sun cabinets.

Chapter 6 provides a site planning checklist that you can use when planning your data center and preparing for server installations.

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