Sun N1 System Manager 1.3 Operating System Provisioning Guide

ProcedureTo Copy a Firmware Update

This procedure describes how to copy a new firmware update to the N1 System Manager. Once a firmware update is copied, you can use the command line or the browser interface to install the firmware update on a managed server.

The following graphic illustrates the use of the browser interface to verify a firmware update.

This graphic illustrates the process to copy and verify
a new firmware update.
Before You Begin

Ensure that the firmware update is available to the management server from the local file system, a network accessible file, or a web site.

  1. Log in to the N1 System Manager.

    See To Access the N1 System Manager Command Line in Sun N1 System Manager 1.3 Discovery and Administration Guide for details.

  2. Copy the firmware update.

    N1-ok> create firmware firmware url=url vendor=vendor model=model[,model...] [type type]
     [description description] [version version]

    See create firmware in Sun N1 System Manager 1.3 Command Line Reference Manual for details.

  3. Verify that the firmware update was copied.

    N1-ok> show firmware firmware

    See show firmware in Sun N1 System Manager 1.3 Command Line Reference Manual for details.

Example 6–1 To Copy Sun Fire X4100 Firmware Through the Command Line

The following example shows how to copy the firmware image for a Sun Fire X4100 system. The firmware image applies to either a Sun Fire X4100 or a Sun Fire X4200 system, as illustrated in the second command.

N1-ok> create firmware galaxy-9306 model X4100 vendor sun 
url file:///var/tmp/x4100bootilom
N1-ok> show firmware
Name                       Type   Vendor      Version     Compatible Model         
galaxy_patch                      Sun                     X4200, X4100             
galaxy_9306                       Sun                     X4200, X4100    

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