Sun N1 System Manager 1.3 Operating System Provisioning Guide

ProcedureTo Set Up a Windows Image on the Windows RIS Server

  1. Log onto the Windows RIS server using the administrator account or an account with administrator privileges.

  2. Use the risetup.exe utility to copy the Windows distribution from a CD or Network Share to the RIS server.

    On the RIS server, use the RiSetup.exe utility with -add option.

    Note –

    Make sure you select the option “Keep the old existing OSC files” in the risetup wizard while creating RIS images.

    When you copy a Windows distribution to the RIS server, the appropriate Windows drivers are copied automatically. To add other drivers into the distribution, copy the drivers into the scripts directory on the RIS server.

    Do not use MSDN Combo CDs to create a RIS Image. You will get an error message that was described in the Microsoft Knowledge Base Article #300556. To resolve this issue, use a retail version of the OS image being created.

    To create a RIS image of a Windows distribution integrated with service packs, follow the procedures described in the following articles:

  3. (Optional) To provision non-English versions of the Windows OS, you need to do some additional configuration when you set up the image on the RIS server.

    Basically, the RIS server assumes that you have files in an English path. To resolve this issue, copy the other language's files to the English path.

    1. Go to the directory in which the OS Chooser files live.

      For example:

      % cd RemoteInstall\OSChooser
    2. Copy the files from the language directory to an English directory.

      For example:

      % copy -r Japanese English

      This creates a directory RemoteInstall\OSChooser\English that contains the install screens in the native language. When the RIS software looks into the default English path, it will display the non-English OS Chooser screens during install.