Sun N1 System Manager 1.3 Operating System Provisioning Guide

ProcedureTo Create a Windows OS Distribution

This procedure describes how to use the command line to link a Windows OS distribution from the management server to the Windows RIS server.

Note –

You cannot perform this task through the browser interface.

After a distribution is added, an OS profile of the same name is created by default. This profile will appear in the OS Profiles list in the Task Shortcuts pane.

  1. Install and configure a Windows RIS server.

    See Setting Up a Windows Remote Installation Services Server in Sun N1 System Manager 1.3 Site Preparation Guide.

  2. Copy the Windows distribution from a CD or network share to the RIS server.

    See To Set Up a Windows Image on the Windows RIS Server.

  3. Link the distribution on the RIS server to the N1 System Manager.

    Type the following command on the N1 System Manager command line:

    N1-ok> create os os-name type windows languageedition language version version arch arch 
    rissourcepath path-to-RIS-distribution


    • os-name is the name that you defined for the distribution when you added it to the RIS server. The os-name must be unique and may include numbers, letters, and some special symbols. The following special symbols are prohibited: comma, asterisk, single quote, double quote, parenthesis, question mark, equal sign, and newline.

    • type windows identifies the type of OS as Windows.

    • language specifies the language to support viewing web pages and other content encoded in a different language and character set. For a list of valid values, use the tab completion feature in the CLI.

    • version identifies the Windows version. For the most current list of valid values, use the tab completion help feature in the CLI. Valid values are:

      • 2000AS - Windows 2000 Advanced Server

      • 2000SS - Windows 2000 Standard Server

      • 2003EE - Windows 2003 Enterprise Edition

      • 2003SE - Windows 2003 Standard Edition

      • 2003WE - Windows 2003 Web Edition

      • 2003SESP1 – Windows 2003 Standard Edition Service Pack 1

      • 2003EESP1 – Windows 2003 Enterprise Edition Service Pack 1

    • arch is the architecture of the system to be installed. Valid values are amd64 or i386.

    • rissourcepath is optional. If specified, it provides a full path to the distribution on the RIS server.

    An OS profile is created that uses the os-name as the profile name.

Example 3–1 Linking a Windows OS Distribution from the RIS Server to the Management Server

N1-ok> create os win2003EE type windows languageedition English version 2003EE 
arch i386 rissourcepath j: