Sun N1 System Manager 1.3 Troubleshooting Guide

Checking for OS Monitoring Agents

Adding the OS monitoring feature to a managed server that has the base management feature installed might fail. The following job output shows the error:

N1-ok> show job 61
Job ID: 61
Date: 2005-08-16T16:14:27-0400
Type: Modify OS Monitoring Support
Status: Error (2005-08-16T16:14:38-0400)
Command: add server feature osmonitor agentssh root/rootpasswd
Owner: root
Errors: 1
Warnings: 0

ID Type Start Completion Result
1 Acquire Host 2005-08-16T16:14:27-0400 2005-08-16T16:14:28-0400 Completed
2 Run Command 2005-08-16T16:14:28-0400 2005-08-16T16:14:28-0400 Completed
3 Acquire Host 2005-08-16T16:14:29-0400 2005-08-16T16:14:30-0400 Completed
4 Run Command 2005-08-16T16:14:30-0400 2005-08-16T16:14:36-0400 Error

Result 1:
Status: -3
Message: Repeate attempts for this operation are not allowed.

This error indicates that SSH credentials have previously been supplied and cannot be altered. To avoid this error, issue the add server feature osmonitor command without agentssh credentials for instructions.

Use the grep command as follows to determine whether the OS monitoring agents were successfully installed.