Sun Enterprise 3500 System Installation Guide

Using the User Naming Area

To display the name of the server, IP address, owner, or other important information on the front of the machine:

  1. Remove the front bezel.

    Refer to "Preparing for Service" in the Sun Enterprise 3500 System Reference Manual (see "Front Bezel").

  2. Snap out the narrow transparent window.

    From the rear side of the bezel, gently squeeze the top and bottom edges together as you simultaneously push the transparent window out through the front of the bezel.

  3. Choose the information that will appear on the label.

    Common items include the name of the server, IP address, name and contact information for the system administrator, and the group of users that the machine services.

  4. Use the colored paper provided with the system to make a label.

    The available area for the paper label is 12 mm x 150 mm (0.5 in x 5.9 in). Print or write the desired information in an area this size and cut the label to fit the transparent window.

  5. Place the paper label inside the window, and snap the window back in place from the front side of the bezel.