Sun Enterprise 3500 System Installation Guide

Using JumpStart Automatic Installation

The Enterprise 3500 system can use the JumpStart(TM) automatic installation feature that is described in installation documents for Solaris software. The software that enables this feature is present on a hard disk in your system if the system was built at the factory with internal disk boards or disk trays.

JumpStart will run only when the system is powered on for the first time.

Caution - Caution -

JumpStart may incorrectly install the system as a standalone workstation. You should prevent JumpStart automatic installation from proceeding if the appropriate server-specific configuration information is not in place. Information about the JumpStart feature is on a card titled "JumpStart Installation Instructions" that is provided with the system documentation.

To prevent JumpStart installation from occurring unintentionally:

Note -

If JumpStart automatic installation begins unintentionally, interrupt it by pressing L1-A (Stop-A) or Break (on TTYa). Perform a manual installation when you are ready.

If JumpStart completes the installation incorrectly, you may need to reinstall Solaris 2.x manually.