Sun Enterprise 3500 System Installation Guide

Chapter 4 Software

Operating System Software and Patches

Refer to the operating system documentation that came with your system.

Solaris 2.6 - Patch 105375-04

You must install Patch 105375-04 if the following conditions apply:

Contact your authorized Sun support provider about patch information for other Solaris operating environments.

Solstice SyMON Software

Solstice(TM) SyMON(TM) features a graphical user interface (GUI) display that shows various graphs reflecting system status.

Solstice SyMON, intended to complement network-wide and enterprise-wide system management tools, is accessible through an SNMP interface from network tools such as Solstice SunNet Manager(TM).

Refer to the online Solstice SyMON User's Guide, part number 802-5355, for starting and operating instructions.

Dynamic Reconfiguration

Dynamic Reconfiguration (DR) is a software enhancement that enables hardware alterations while the Enterprise server is powered-on. DR works with the hardware "hot plug" capability --the process of physically removing and inserting components while a server is running-- to enable the system administrator to add or remove system boards, altering the configuration without needing to reboot the server.

Check with your Sun sales representative or systems engineer for information on the availability of DR.

The online Dynamic Reconfiguration User's Guide for Sun Enterprise Systems provides information about preparing your server to use DR, and instructions for performing DR operations.

CPU Over Temperature Safeguard (COS)

The CPU over temperature safeguard (COS) software feature is automatically available on the Sun Enterprise 3500 system. COS ensures that the temperature on any CPU/Memory+ board does not go above the safe operating range.

Refer to the online Platform Notes, part number 805-2022, for information about COS requirements and operation.