Sun Enterprise 6500/5500/4500 Systems Reference Manual

Using a Terminal

If the system does not have a console, you can log in remotely or attach a terminal directly to the system.

To attach a terminal to the system:

  1. Halt the system and turn off power.

  2. Connect the terminal to serial port A on the clock+ board.

    The clock+ board is located at the back of system, near the top of the card cage. Figure 9-1 shows the Enterprise 6500/5500 cabinet server. In the 8-slot Enterprise 4500 standalone server, the clock+ board is also near the top of the card cage.

    Figure 9-1 TTY Serial Port A on the Clock+ Board


  3. Power on the terminal.

  4. Set up the terminal.

    Refer to the OpenBoot Command Reference for instructions for using the set-defaults and printenv commands.

    The settings will vary with the terminal type, but these settings are often used:

    • 9600 bps

    • 8 data bits

    • 1 stop bit

    • Even parity

    • Full duplex

  5. Turn the key switch to the diagnostic position (Graphic).

    The system will turn on. The diagnostic position puts POST in interactive mode and enables extensive POST tests.