Sun Enterprise 6500/5500/4500 Systems Reference Manual

System Cannot Boot

Table 10-2 Operating System Problems




System cannot boot  

or cannot load UNIX 

Check LEDs on front panel or clock+ board. 


See Table 9-1 for LED codes.


Are CPU/Memory+ board LEDs cycling? 


See Table 9-2 for LED codes.



Is boot disk running? 




Is OpenBoot set to boot automatically?  




In OpenBoot, check system status: 

-- Connect a terminal to serial port A on the clock+ board 

-- Reset the system 

-- Type v s

-- Select system configuration: option 0 

-- Select: option 2 

-- Replace indicated components 



System boots with errors or runs with intermittent problems 

Check message files. 



Run SunVTS to test suspected boards, CPUs, SIMMs, power supplies, other devices. 


Refer to SunVTS User's Guide.


Start prtdiag log file to collect error messages.


See "Running prtdiag".


"Lost carrier" or "no carrier."  

See "Failure of Network Communications".