Sun Enterprise 6500/5500/4500 Systems Reference Manual

Defective CPU/Memory+ Board

CPU/Memory+ boards are hot-pluggable.

Table 10-3 CPU/Memory+ Board Problems




System error message or LED code identifies a specific board 

Locate indicated board.  

LED code must be Off-On-Off. See Table 9-2.

Check LEDs on board to verify ASR has deactivated the board. 


See "Hot-Plug Feature".


Replace the board or device. (Note: board is not active until system is booted.) 



Board not identified or intermittent problem 

Check /var/adm/messages



Run SunVTS to test suspected boards, CPUs, SIMMs, power supplies, other devices. 


Refer to SunVTS User's Guide.


Check related modular power supply.  

See Table 10-7.