Sun Enterprise 6500/5500/4500 Systems Reference Manual

Defective Power Supplies

The peripheral power supply and power/cooling modules are hot-pluggable.

Caution - Caution -

Boards in slots adjacent to a modular power supply may overheat if the supply is removed and not replaced. The modular power supply provides cooling air to two board slots.

Caution - Caution -

Do not hot-plug boards or modules if the peripheral power supply is defective. The hot-plug feature requires a working peripheral power supply for precharge current.

Table 10-7 Power Supply Problems




For Peripheral power supply: System error message Peripheral device fails

Verify module is ready: --Green LED off. --Yellow LED may be on. 


See "Replacing a Peripheral Power Supply".


Before replacing any other hot-pluggable devices, replace faulty peripheral power supply to ensure availability of precharge current.  



For PCM: System error message Board fails

Verify PCM is ready: --Green LED off. --Yellow LED may be on.  

See "Replacing a PCM".