Sun Enterprise 6500/5500/4500 Systems Reference Manual

Defective I/O+ Interface Board

Interface boards are hot-pluggable in many instances.

Table 10-4 I/O Interface




System error message or LED code identifies a specific board 

Locate indicated board.  

LED code must be Off-On-Off. See Table 9-2.

Check LEDs on board to verify ASR has deactivated the board. 


See "Hot-Plug Feature".


Replace the board or device. (Note: board is not active until system is booted.) 



Board not identified or intermittent problem 

Check system message files. 



Start prtdiag log file, if necessary, to record error messages.  


See "Running prtdiag".


Run SunVTS to test suspected boards, CPUs, SIMMs, power supplies, other devices. 


Refer to SunVTS User's Guide. 


Check I/O cable connections. 




Ensure JTAG Test Jumper on PCI cards is disabled/removed. 


See "Replacing or Installing a PCI Card"


Check related PCM.  

See Table 10-7.