Sun Enterprise 6500/5500/4500 Systems Reference Manual

Enterprise 6500/5500 Tape or CD-ROM Drive

To remove and replace an existing device, perform steps 1 through 5. To install a tape device for the first time, proceed to step 6.

Caution - Caution -

To prevent breakage, do not grasp the panel by the bottom edge.

  1. Remove the key from the key switch.

  2. Remove the top panel.

    Grasp the panel on both sides at the top and pull to disengage the ball studs (FIGURE 8-4).

    Figure 8-3 Removing the Top Front Panel


    Note -

    It is not necessary to remove the media tray to replace a device; it is only necessary to remove the device enclosure from the media tray.

  3. Remove the left side panel.

    See Section 12.3.6 "Side Panels for removal instructions.

  4. Release the device enclosure from the media tray by removing three screws on the left side of the media tray (FIGURE 8-5).

  5. Pull the device enclosure forward and disconnect the data and power cables from the rear of each device.

    Figure 8-4 CD-ROM/Tape Drive Removal and Replacement


  6. After the cabling is removed, remove the device enclosure from the media tray.

  7. To remove a drive:

    • CD-ROM drive: remove two screws from each side where the device is secured to the device enclosure. Proceed to Step 9.

    • Tape drive: remove 2 screws from each side where the tape is fastened to the device enclosure, and then remove 4 screws securing the device to the enclosure side plate. Proceed to Step 9.

  8. To install a tape drive in an unused slot:

    1. Remove the filler panel from the device enclosure by loosening and removing 4 screws.

    2. Use the 4 screws to secure the tape drive to the device enclosure.

  9. On the replacement device set the SCSI ID address to 6 (for a CD-ROM drive) or 5 (for a tape drive).

  10. To complete installation of a CD-ROM or tape drive, reverse Step 2 through Step 5.