Sun Enterprise 6500/5500/4500 Systems Reference Manual

Enterprise 4500 Tape or CD-ROM Drive

To remove and replace an existing device, perform steps 1 through 5. To install a tape drive for the first time, proceed to step 6.

Note -

For cooling purposes, the tape drive must be installed on the side nearest the key switch.

  1. Unlock and remove the front panel bezel.

    1. To unlock the bezel, press inward on the serrated edges at the lower left and right sides.

    2. Tilt the bezel up 45 degrees to remove it (FIGURE 8-6).

  2. Loosen the bottom three captive screws that hold the media tray to the chassis tray (FIGURE 8-7).

  3. Insert a screwdriver in the notch (FIGURE 8-7) at the top center of the media tray to pull out the tray and separate it from the rear slip connectors.

  4. Remove the seven screws on top of the media tray to lift off the tray cover to access CD-ROM and tape drives.

    Figure 8-5 Removing the Front Panel Bezel


    Figure 8-6 Removing and Replacing the media tray


  5. To remove and replace a CD-ROM or a tape drive:

    1. Loosen the three captive screws securing the device to the tray.

    2. Remove the mounting plate of the device being replaced and attach it to the replacement device using the same screws.

    3. Set the replacement device SCSI address to 6 for a CD-ROM drive, or 5 for a tape drive.

    4. Secure the replacement device to the caddy by tightening the three captive screws on the mounting plate.

    5. To complete the replacement, reverse Step l and Step 2.

      Note -

      The tape drive must be installed on the side nearest the key switch for cooling purposes.

  6. To install a tape drive for the first time:

    1. Remove the filler panel by loosening the three captive screws and then removing the panel.

    2. Separate the filler panel plate from the device mounting bracket by loosening and removing the four screws; discard the filler panel plate.

    3. Secure the mounting bracket to the new device.

    4. Set the SCSI address to 5.

    5. Secure the device and the mounting bracket to the media tray using the three captive screws.

    6. To complete the install, reverse Step l and Step 2 of this procedure.