Sun Enterprise 6500/5500/4500 Systems Reference Manual

Enterprise 6500 Server

The Enterprise 6500 server features a 16-slot card cage in a 68-inch data center system cabinet (Figure B-2).

Figure B-2 Sun Enterprise System Cabinet


The front of the cabinet contains the CD-ROM/tape tray, the keyswitch, the even-numbered board slots, and the even-numbered power/cooling module (PCM) slots.

The rear of the cabinet contains the AC power switch, the peripheral power supply, the clock+ board, the odd-numbered board slots, and the odd-numbered PCM slots.

For slot numbers in the 16-slot card cage, see Figure 3-5.

Air circulation for the system boards is provided by the power/cooling modules. The PCMs (PCM 0 through PCM 7) have two fans each. The fans provide cooling for the PCM, plus two adjacent board slots. There is also a fan tray in the card cage (item 11 in Figure F-2). A second fan tray is located at the side of the rack (Figure F-7), The rear of the media tray also has a fan.

All empty board slots must be blocked by load boards for proper airflow, cooling, and EMI protection. Other types of empty slots must be blocked by filler panels.