Sun Enterprise 6500/5500/4500 Systems Reference Manual

Enterprise 4500 Standalone Server

The Enterprise 4500 server uses the 8-slot card cage that is used for the Enterprise 5500, but the card cage is in a standalone cabinet (Figure B-4).

Also note that several areas of the card cage that are covered by filler panels in the cabinet version are used in the standalone version. These areas include the SCSI CD-ROM/tape tray, keyswitch, and AC switch (Figure B-4).

The power/cooling modules (PCM 0 through PCM 3) each have two fans. The fans provide cooling for the PCM and the two adjacent board slots. Air circulation for the system boards is provided by the power/cooling modules. In addition, the Enterprise 4500 has a combined AC input box and fan tray.

All empty slots must be blocked by filler panels for proper airflow, cooling, and EMI protection.

Figure B-4 Enterprise 4500 Standalone Server